Cn Design Furniture

We Manufacture Innovative Modular Prefabricated Buildings for Any Application. Our System is Designed to Save on Transport and Accelerate Construction by at Least 6 Times.

Other Services

School Buildings

Our range of Prefab Modular School buildings provide bespoke, permanent or temporary school buildings or classrooms to address a variety of educational space and premises needs. Due to easy transportation and construction, prefab modular is the ideal school construction solution for urban and rural areas across Africa.


At Cn Design Furniture we understand that the building and space needs of Healthcare Professionals can be more rigorous and challenging than for other building applications. Customized prefab modular solutions can be tested, designed and implemented within a short time frame for Hospitals, Clinics and Research facilities.


Cn Design Furniture delivers environmentally friendly Prefab Modular Office buildings that meet the highest standards. The modular office solution is sustainable and can be easily re-purposed as operational or workforce needs change. It is also more energy efficient to construct. The prefab modular solution can be quickly manufactured and constructed with minimal site disruption and material wastage.


Our Prefab Modular Toilet and Shower Units are high quality and sustainable long-term solutions. These facilities are ideal for long-term construction sites, offices, mines, mineral exploration and investigation sites, schools, sports organizations and road construction sites

Spray Booth

We do all sizes of Spray Booths paneling and all the installation of extractor fans and lighting.

Factory Partions


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"Improve Focus on your business while we solve your housing, office, school (etc) challenges."

"Reduce or control operating costs due to our cost effective prices."

"The provision of an all-round specialist prefab services without the time consuming effort of outsourcing contractors and evaluating quotes."